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our philosophy

As both a creative and an artist, I’ve embraced the challenges of creating across a wide range of media, both traditional and digital. My primary aim is always to create a strong creative visual presence.

Whenever I have a shift in thinking for an existing or current project, whether it is a design or artistic piece, that shift often comes out of stillness. Some of my best work has been in a focused, almost meditative or heightened state. I often feel that a force beyond my own self has almost guided some of my paintings. Often during these creative periods time has literally stood still. Although this is not a state that one can live their entire life, with constant practice, through meditation and yoga I find that it is easier to drop into that heightened state of creativity.

The artist I am today is more the combined result of a process that has combined growth, development, failure and experimentation. All of my life and work has been overseen and guided by a deep, inner and universal force.