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Welcome to Trishul Creative’s website (Mark III).

This is the forum for news, updates, thinking and opinions on my art, my design work and my aim to balance life, work and creation. The aim is to continue to grow the site with the constant addition of fresh imagery, design and ideas.

Like any creative it’s been a while in the formation and many months in the gestation. Often other paying work has taken precedence, and at times it has felt like giving birth. Although now that she’s been introduced to the wide world (of the web) my hope is that, like all good children, she will continue to grow and amaze as time goes on.

For now, here on this site you’ll be able to see my artworks, my creative design work and if you’re game read some of my short stories and poetry. Of course I do appreciate any feedback (although as with any creative and sensitive ego, constructive is preferable over derogatory).

I will continue to grow and expand the site, adding new content as it is created, continue to upload even more of my artwork and update you on any exhibitions or events as time goes on. For now, simply enjoy.

For now – read, enjoy and feel free to comment.

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