trishul – you may ask?

A trishul (Sanskrit for ‘three spear ‘) is the trident spear emblem of the Hindu god Shiva. The three prongs of the trishul represent the three fundamental aspects of the universe: creation, preservation and change as well as will, action and wisdom. In relation to Trishul Creative, it also represents the three interconnected aspects of our business and creative output: art, design and words.

who is trishul?

Trishul Creative is the overarching brand for the creative works of artist, designer and yogi – Peter Scriven.

An artist by nature, a consummate creative by experience and a designer by passion, I understand the creative process as well as the real world demands of business. A strong believer in nurturing ‘ideas into reality’ my primary aim is to create a strong, visual experience regardless of the medium. Whether it is a work on paper, in the digital realm or in the tangible reality of our lives; my desire is to challenge, pleasure and inform through a journey of discovery.

creative experience

  • 20 plus years of advertising/ design industry as senior creative, designer and art director

  • Illustrator/designer with Cliff Sheldrake Illustrations, Brisbane 1994-1995
  • Regular life drawing sessions at the TAP Gallery and with Petros Hovaghimiani
  • Various other workshops in drawing, multi-media and creativity
  • Diploma of Art majoring in graphic design from Queensland College of Art now Griffith University, Brisbane 1979-1984
  • Peter’s works hang in private collections and public institutions throughout Australia and in the USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Denmark and New Zealand.