Trishul - Who We Are

trishul – you may ask?

A trishul (Sanskrit for ‘three spear ‘) is the trident spear emblem of the Hindu god Shiva. The three prongs of the trishul represent the three fundamental aspects of the universe: creation, preservation and change as well as will, action and wisdom. In relation to Trishul Creative, it also represents the three interconnected aspects of my business and creative output: art, design and words.

who is trishul?

Trishul Creative is the overarching brand for the creative works of artist, designer and yogi – Peter Scriven.

An artist by nature, a consummate creative by experience and a designer by passion, I understand the creative process as well as the real world demands of business. A strong believer in nurturing ‘ideas into reality’ my primary aim is to create a strong, visual experience regardless of the medium. Whether it is a work on paper, in the digital realm or in the tangible reality of our lives; my desire is to challenge and inform through a journey of discovery.

what we can do for you

Success is often measured by growth and profitability. For me, it’s the ability to apply an independent, creative mind to every project.

As both a creative and an artist, I embrace the challenges of creating across a wide range of traditional and digital media. My primary aim is always to create a strong creative visual presence.

As creative principal of Trishul, I’m a highly motivated, multi-disciplined creative. I have an excellent track record of producing powerful and visually arresting designs. I’m able to distill a creative brief and produce strongly branded solutions that deliver. Regardless of the medium or timeframe I have the proven ability to manage projects from initial client brief through to completion.

how we work

An artist by nature, a designer by experience, I’m a creative all-rounder who understands the design process as well as the real world demands of business.

As a highly skilled artist I work with my clients to visually develop their ideas, often while working through the brief. By working with pen and paper I visually articulate and clarify design ideas, this often shortens the digital design process, and ultimately reduces cost.

The initial concept development process is important as a better design concept leads to a superior design outcome. Decisions made during the early stages of design generally influence the final result.

Ultimately my strongest contribution to any organisation is my depth of experience across a diverse range of industry sectors. Combined with an intelligent understanding of all design facets I take to heart the responsibility of nurturing your brand.

our philosophy

As an artist and creative I’ve embraced the challenges of creating across a wide range of media. My primary aim has always been to create a strong, creative, visual presence.

Shifts in thinking, whether it is a design or artistic piece, that shift often comes out of stillness. Some of my best work has been created in a focused, almost meditative state. I feel that some of my paintings are guided by a force beyond my own self. Often during intense creative periods time has literally stood still. Although not a state that one can live their entire life, through constant practice of meditation and yoga I find that it is easier to drop into a heightened state of creativity.

The artist I am today is the result of a process that has combined growth, failure and experimentation. While my life and my artwork has been guided by a deep, inner and universal truth.