There is blue above
the a team sonnet
heart taken
my eyes were not open to the light
hopes are fading for snow
black crow on a winter’s branch
the crying grass
is it lunacy
thoughts fleeting
fallen into shadow
sonnet for an unborn child
the pain of difference
night swimmer
hopes on a high
than not to live at all
all is not lost
in the pale moonlight
not the whole story
allia raindrops
don’t know what went wrong
anniversary poem
poems on a plane
orion’s belt
Indian yatra
poetry in a hospital bed
what was, was
awoke with a shudder despairing
back to normal
before dawn
outdoor haiku
travelling westward
children of the enlightenment
the last swim of summer
what form this phoenix takes?
4D on DJ924 May Day
primary school
stress fracture
I’ve never ever let you go