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The design and concept development process

As a highly skilled artist I often work with my client’s to visually develop their ideas, often while working through the brief. By working with pen and paper I am quickly and efficiently visually articulate and clarify design ideas, this often shortens the digital design process, and ultimately reduces cost.

There are three main factors involved in a concept design development: innovation or technology, the target market and end users. Although in reality, all concept designs are a combination of these sources.

Innovation in design can be achieved by pushing the boundaries of an existing process or by utilising a new form of technology, or by creating one.

Changes in the consumer market spur on innovation in design, these changes can be in demographic trends, competitors or even market shifts.

Design needs should directly relate to user needs, which does not necessarily assume a pre¬-existing concept.

The initial concept development process is important as a better design process leads to a better design outcome. Decisions made during the early stages of design tightly constrain future options. It is estimated that 70% cost of a product is determined in the first 30% of the design cycle.